This programme builds on already existing Moderator programmes but adds new layers of support and interaction with both, players and WEBZEN staff! We offer a unique opportunity to you who love the game, know the game and want to help out: Gain your first gaming industry experience by joining our Volunteer Programme!

Our Volunteer Moderators are normal players of the game, but because they have shown themselves to be friendly and community minded, they volunteer their time to help keep the game and the forums a fun and safe place for all players. Volunteer Moderators are not employed by WEBZEN and do not have any special access or privileges other than moderation tools.

Be part of the team! Climb the Volunteer hierarchy through the ranks: Junior Moderator, Moderator and Senior Moderator. Each rank comes with different benefits and access rights. You’ll receive tokens of recognition depending on the game you’re working on as you progress through the ranks.

  1. Junior Moderator
  2. Moderator
  3. Senior Moderator

The WEBZEN Volunteer Programme will enable you to become involved with your favourite game and, while giving you an exclusive insight into gaming operations, will improve the experience of all WEBZEN gamers. Ready to advance to the next level? Read on!

Do you:

  • …love to help your fellow human beings?
  • …know your game better than anyone else?
  • …enjoy sharing your knowledge?
  • …have a sense of motivation, responsibility and attention towards the needs of others?
  • …have the ability to write a complete post with minimal grammar and spelling issues?
  • …know how to keep your cool in tense situations?

Are you:

  • …over 18?
  • …available to contribute on a daily basis?
  • …eager to go the extra mile to get the job done right?
  • …proficient in English?

Your duties in the Volunteer Customer Support programme:

  • Helping fellow players via a dedicated support forum.
  • Moderation of all forum sections across the WEBZEN Portal.
  • Assisting Community Managers in game- and forum-based activities.
  • Reporting Bugs, participating in QA-testing where applicable.

What’s in for YOU?

  • Gathering professional (albeit voluntary) experience in the gaming industry.
  • Climbing the Volunteer hierarchy through the ranks: Junior Moderator, Moderator and Senior Moderator.
  • Being in touch with other Volunteers and official WEBZEN employees.
  • Official, unique forum title.
  • Separate account with moderation rights.
  • Unique signs of our recognition for your support, depending on the game you choose to work on.

Our Volunteer Programme will help us provide you with an improved service, while giving those interested the opportunity to not only gain first experience in the gaming industry, but make a genuine impact on their favourite MMORPGs. Sounds enticing? Then YOU just might have what it takes to join our team as a Volunteer, and spread your game knowledge to the world! Be the ambassador of the game you love playing! Make a difference!

We are looking forward to your applications,
Your WEBZEN Team