Welcome to Webzen's Haunted House!

Dare to knock on the door and see if you can get some candy!
To see the event rules, click here.

Day: 21/15

Your Candy: 00

Trick or Treat

Event Rules

  • 1. The event period starts on October 30 (after maintenance) and runs until November 13 (before maintenance), 2018.
  • 2. Click the Get Candy button to claim candy.
  • 3. You may get up to 3 candies per day.
  • 4. Once you got 1 candy you must wait 2 hours for your next candy.
  • 5. The 3-candy limit resets at 00:00 UTC.
  • 6. Exchange your candy for rewards on the Exchange Candy page.

Trick or Treat

Yay! Take 1 candy.

Maybe the house isn't haunted after all...
You can claim [2] more candies today.
Come again later for more treats!

Trick or Treat

Oops, no one's home!

Try again in : 120mins

Trick or Treat

No more candy for you

Come again tomorrow for more treats!