Facebook & In-Game Events

Facebook Events

We're running various events on our Webzen Facebook page!
Check it out and be in with a chance to win up to 10,000 Wcoin or Redzen!

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Here's what you can win

  • Holy Recovery
    Potion Large
    Stone of Life
  • Scroll Master of Health
    (7 Days)
    Scroll Master of Mana
    (7 Days)
    Scroll Master
    of Defense (7 Days)
  • Palladium Ace
    Chest [Sacred]
    Goddess's Tears
  • Premium Battery
    (20 Days)
    Teleport Map
  • Hidden Village
    Pass (1 Day)
    Energy of Gold

In-Game Events

Visit each game's news page and check out what additional offers
you can enjoy with your favorite webzen.com games!